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Bangkok day 2

Day 2 saw us after breakfast at a local eating place head to the royal palace by taxi, after we left the taxi I realised that I left my iPhone 5... So Bangkok now has iPhone 5!!!

The palace was traditionally decadent as you would expect. We even go to see the Emerald Buddha in the temple. Frankie asked me to pray to him about my iPhone. But I think he already taught me a lesson. Stay off the phone and enjoy this and other countries. I guess I ask for material things and he taught me a lesson about life.

The unexpected part of the palace trip was the dress rules. You must cover up. No bare shoulders. No shorts etc. 'conveniently' many shops near by are happy to sell Caucasians clothes to cover up. Oh dear look how expensive. But I guess if you don't research before you go there it is your fault.

Later that afternoon after a pre monsoon rain session Wey took us to MBK a large mall with lots of small electronic shops to buy a cheap Nokia... Talk about a step down. From the latest iPhone to a Nokia more akin to being used in highschool in 1999. But it's cheap and I can SMS my mum who who'll meet us in Bali shortly.

In the evening Way took us to Asiatique, a new shopping / dining precinct created in an old shipping container bay. Great food and drinks riverside.

At party o'clock Way took us to DJ station. A 3 level gay dance bar. The lower floor so parked the moves were more akin to nodding. We ascended through the human soup of to sweaty dancing bodies to the top floor to have a few quietish drinks.

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