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KL- Malacca -KL

A really short flying visit to this old trading port town. Of all the places we have been this was link a mini Europe in Asia with narrow lanes, terrace houses, bridges over the river and classic forts from the height of Dutch, Portuguese and English rule over this once central spice route port. Some forts and buildings date back to 1511.

The old town part where we stayed was close to Jonkers St, the centre of the old town. So close we were able to cycle around the town and visit most of the attractions.

Malacca for me holds a special place as my grandfather served all through this region as part of the Royal Australian Navy's Far East Strategic Reserve. I grew up on stories of the strait and the pirates and tropical heat.

I'm glad we got to visit if only for 48hrs.

We arrived and departed by coach - I am really impressed with the transport network thought out Malaysia.

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Over night in KL for the second time

Arrived in from Bali (Denpasar) and we headed back into KL via the KL express a really cool fast train with its own dedicated rail line from airport the the city in 28mins v over an hour by taxis for the same cost. Also included was free 4G wifi and if you are sneaky enough. A PowerPoint. The holy grail of all travelers.

Tonight we stayed in the only luxury hotel of the trip the Park Royal. Same cost as all the other hotel rooms as Frankie found a deal.

Dinner at the KLCC - Malaysia twin shining towers. They also have a colored light and water shower just outside too.

Finally shopping of the trip
Was down at Petaling street night markets.

After a well deserved long sleep we are off to Malacca / Melaka for tr night by bus from KL

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Bali. 3 days

After arriving from Singapore we were met by the hotel shuttle and getting in to our tired yet charming hotel we met my parents and friend from Australia by the pool. After the usual catch up dinner was had before a short yet triumphant drink at the local gay bars. Triumphant as it has not broken out run of non sober nights on this trip.

Day 2

Woke early. Private tour up to the hills of Ubud. The the terraced rice patties. To the endless villages mastering some form of artisan activity: silversmith, wood carving, painting, weaving.

Winding our way to the foot of the volcano. To eat at an open restraint looking out over the valley of eruption scared landscape, the glistening lake at the base.

Buffet lunch filling all out bellies we wound down the mountain to the monkey forest, feeding the cheeky daring beasts with bananas as they snatched them and gobbled them down. Then again to the lowlands.

A 9 hour round trip saw us tired little travelers. A small nap before dinner and another night on the town.

Day 3

A struggle to rise.

Departing for airport at 1045. Flight 1250 to KL.

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Hi all. Just landed safely in Bali and catching up with great friends and my family.

We were in Singapore for 3 days. Met some great people and went to some great places.

I have to say for me Singapore did not feel like part of our asian trip. The country is so westernized but in a different way. Almost sterile I personally found.

Day one I attempted to complete #operationiohone5 without success ending in an all out argument with a store owner who stated one price as the 'final price' and preceded to charge my credit card SNG$300 more. When I refused to sign the print out due tot he higher figure he stated he would charge my credit card any way .. Ha don't play that game with me sweetness. I was on the phone to my credit card company in Australia and they put a note on my file for any suspect transactions to be blocked. Good luck matey

So after my tantrum Frankie, his friend with whom we stayed and I headed off to NO SIGNBOARD seafood restaurant. A must for chili crab enthusiasts. A word of warning. Do not take dates here. Crab eating is not a silver service type event. You have to get into and suck every morsel of meat from the poor dead crustacean.

Day 2 we headed to the universal studios Singapore and later a beach club to cool off

Day3 slow start but finished with a bang. Trip to marina bay sands and a club called Avalon last night for the Singapore manhunt model contest. Was very exclusive. Lucky we had some friends who sorted it all for us.

PS #operationiohone5 was sorted out in Singapore.

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Phuket (5 days)


Arrived from Bangkok all smooth. Our hotel is a newish budget hotel. The gallery. Right in the heart of Patong's gay district. Close to clubs and cafes.
Only downside is the hour long transfers between airport and hotels.

The planned highlight our our stay in Phuket were visits to the games Phi Phi and 'James Bond' islands.

The day trip to 'James Bond' island featured trips to 5 islands in total including sea canoeing inside sea caves only accessible at low tide.

Unfortunately due to a serious case of travelers belly we were unable to get to Phi Phi.

Bound for Singapore we are now holed in Phuket international airport awaiting a twice delayed tiger airways flight.

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