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Bangkok day 3 14/10

Our last full day and night was dedicated to shopping. Frankie's favorite pastime

Frankie seems to have found every single shop within the platinum mall. A multi level clothes shopping precinct that us divided into segments such as bags. Men's fashion. Accessories. Leather. Etc

After shopping till I nearly dropped a massage was in order followed by a dinner at Way's cousins new street restaurant in Haui Khwang. It was opening night and we were treated like kings, grilled river fish, thin bbq'd pork, green papaya salad all flowed to our table until we were fit to burst.

A quiet night in after, packing. Sad to say goodbye to Way who I think was glad to have people to talk to that didn't want to pay him for sex every second.

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Bangkok day 2

Day 2 saw us after breakfast at a local eating place head to the royal palace by taxi, after we left the taxi I realised that I left my iPhone 5... So Bangkok now has iPhone 5!!!

The palace was traditionally decadent as you would expect. We even go to see the Emerald Buddha in the temple. Frankie asked me to pray to him about my iPhone. But I think he already taught me a lesson. Stay off the phone and enjoy this and other countries. I guess I ask for material things and he taught me a lesson about life.

The unexpected part of the palace trip was the dress rules. You must cover up. No bare shoulders. No shorts etc. 'conveniently' many shops near by are happy to sell Caucasians clothes to cover up. Oh dear look how expensive. But I guess if you don't research before you go there it is your fault.

Later that afternoon after a pre monsoon rain session Wey took us to MBK a large mall with lots of small electronic shops to buy a cheap Nokia... Talk about a step down. From the latest iPhone to a Nokia more akin to being used in highschool in 1999. But it's cheap and I can SMS my mum who who'll meet us in Bali shortly.

In the evening Way took us to Asiatique, a new shopping / dining precinct created in an old shipping container bay. Great food and drinks riverside.

At party o'clock Way took us to DJ station. A 3 level gay dance bar. The lower floor so parked the moves were more akin to nodding. We ascended through the human soup of to sweaty dancing bodies to the top floor to have a few quietish drinks.

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Day one Bangkok

Arrived Bangkok from KL at AIRASIA's new BKK hub at DonMueng airport (the 'old' international airport) named after the young prince, later king, from Anna and the king.

A quick taxi ride the the underground train station called the MRT then straight in the the heart of BKK's party district Silom. We stayed right in the heart at the Bally studio apartments. Really nice hotel but the wifi was hard to get in our room, only in the bathroom.

That night after some quick street food we headed to the gay district and a drink at the telephone club. Every second hawker was offering us 'girly show' or 'ping pong' show. But they quickly realised that was wasn't what we were after then offering us 'boy show' which turns out to be a live sex show in stage... I'm told.

Later around 1130 we headed to the gay dance bars, not dance clubs in the sense you are thinking more in drink and what boys dance on stage etc. was fun but felt very voyeristic.

We met a waiter called Way who would turn into our companion and interpreter for the rest of our stay in BKK. After chatting in the bar it became apparent that the waiters do not earn very much -about 2000bht (about 65aud) per month and live on tips. We brought him a drink and got chatting. He was an aspiring music producer and singer.

After the midnight 'show' we headed home and he brought some drinks over to our hotel to keep chatting which was great. He informed us with true genuineness that he 'doesn't go home with customers' as the other boys do to earn extra cash. His family support him.

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Day 3, Second day Redang Island

sunny 31 °C

Day 3, Second day Redang Island

Today was pretty much a water day.

First snorkeling session of the day (0900) was to the marine park.
Less fish than the day before but some large leather jacket style
fish. Frankie even managed to get some. Shots of a large jelly fish.
I think they are called lions mane jelly fish.

The GoPo cameras are doing great.

The second trip (1530) was another open session this time anchored in
the channel of some rocky outcrops. The depth was much higher than the
others and the current was actually very strong. At one point Frankie
and I were separated for over 1/2 hour. Resulting in bit of a panic.

After the second trip we decided we would try some 'free' snorkeling
off the beach at the resort. The dive team told us there were some
baby sharks in closer recently... Not sure if that was a good or bad
thing. Off we went. I am glad to say I. SWAM. WITH. SHARKS.
S.H.A.R.K.S. first time ever. 30cm black tip reef sharks. We saw two
cruising around the coral. Got some pictures too

Well it's time to pack. Off to Bangkok tomorrow via KL. so another early start

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Day 2 KL to Redang Island via Kuala Terengganu (TGG)

semi-overcast 32 °C

What a 24hours!!

The street food outside if our hotel was amazing. On Jalan Alor I saw prawns the size of my forearm, the green papaya salad so spicy it will melt your face but it was fantastic.

Checked out of the Apple hotel at 0500 where everything was apple shaped, the soap, the sink the chairs... Guess what flavor the shower gel was. Orange .. Joking. Apple.
Raced tot he airport to check in for our 1 hr flight from KL's low cost carrier terminal (LCCT) to TGG.

I forgot we were in a Muslim country until I tried to order my favorite breakfast from the airport McDonald's.. BACON and cheese mcmuffin.. Their alternative is chicken roll! And cheese .. Not quiet the same. But scoffed it nonetheless.

It was not until we were boarding that Frankie realised that he left his phone at the hotel.. and his toothbrush. Clever boy that Frankie. Called apple hotel and they found it and will hold for us until we are back on the 25th.

Both tired and grumpy so luckily the flight was smooth and easy to TGG. AIRASIA really are kings of the low cost market. They were fantastic. Seeing their rows and rows of little airbuses in the predawn hue was rather cool. Then seeing the line of 4 ready to take off.. Like big taxis.

After landing at TGG the man from the hotel shuttle met us and we all boarded a bus heading for the jetty to catch the ferry to Laguna Redang Island. I have to admit I slept most of that transfer. I was still wrecked from the night before.

After arriving at Laguna Redang Island we went thought the mandatory briefing.. It's a a marine park, to sea shell collecting etc. by 11 we were unpacked and resting until lunch.
One of the best things was that all meals are included. Buffet everything. Admittedly due to the location of the island and its clientele it is geared towards Chinese so there is a heavy bias to feed them. But I never went hungry.

1500 was our first organised snorkeling excursion. There are 2 daily. The afternoon session is 'open water' which they define as swim off boat. Coral was amazing and the local crew even managed to get some close ups of 'Nemo' clown fish.

All snorkeling equipment is included. Life jacket is not mandatory but highly recommended. It did make cruising easier as we were in the water for 2 hours.

That evening saw us massaged within an inch of our lives and we were asleep by 2130.

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