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Day 2

Day 2.

Today was our lazy day- wandered into Port Vila to change some money- locally the exchange rate was 1 aud = 93.67vt. Out of Sydney at Travel ex was 74 something. Big difference !!

We enquired about hiring a scooter for a few days to zip around on like I do in Bali but the man wanted 3500vt / day with a restricted range around the island Maybe later but at the moment we are content with walking or catching the local buses for 150vt each.

I finally got jack of using this travel sim I brought in Aust that is meant to give you cheaper rates.. I got a local sim and am paying 1/4 the price for SMS. As for data in Port Vila - 7000vt for 500mb of 3G - that's almost 150 aud for 1 gb.

I got the 2000vt 100mb plan and just use it to check email when I can not find wifi.

Have been lazing around the pool practicing our snorkeling after our embarrassing attempts yesterday. Lots of under water pics with the Nikon aw100 camera.

Will head out for dinner tonight.


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Day 1 cont

Well I am starting to realise that you cannot do Port Vila on the cheap.. 2000vt (approx $19.50) for a taxi 25mins out of town to visit Frankie's cousins oh and he left his camera in the taxi.

Dinner was at one of Port Vila's nicest (read pricey) restaurants last night - worked out $45pp for 6 ppl - mains and two bottles of wine.. Yes the food was good but not what I would call AMAZING. While it sounds like I am whining I am merely trying to show we have spend close to $600aud already in our first 48hours - my first year in Bali including flights for 14 days was $2000

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