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October 2012

October asian trip highlights

Snorkeling at Redang island getting to use our go pro cameras with underwater dive housings.

night markets and royal palace temple in Bangkok ( losing week old iPhone 5 not so good)

Visiting the islands of Phuket including Hong and James Bond Island ( didn't make it to phi phi do to illness)

Universal studios, clubbing, shopping and chili crab in Singapore

Hills, volcano and rice fields of Bali, along with catching up with mum and dad and Jemimah.

Night markets, Petaling st, KLIA express in KL

Old world charm and buildings of Malacca

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Gadgets and toys - October trip @gopro @spot_messenger @goal

This was our first big trip with the my three new toys:

1. 2 x go pro hd2 cameras with dive housings.

These cameras were amazing, went all day and lasted 2 hours easy of continual recording. Frankie (@frankiepho) was using a hand held floating short pole for his gopro while I used the head mount mostly. Some of our videos can be seen at YouTube.com/wade85 under Redang island

2. Goal Zero 10 solar battery charger

Used this device every day. Whether as a battery extender for my phone. Or a full solar charge for the go pros on the dive boat. Built to last go any where. Do anything. Matter of fact as I am sitting on my bus for the three hour trip from Sydney back home to Canberra it is charging my phone now.

3. My spot communicator.

I have the little black model that connects via my phone to track my location, share ' I am ok' messages and god forbid if I needed it the SOS function.

I try and be self reliant as possible seeing holidays as missions to complete rather than places to go. I always have a communications plan and should the other 2 modes, my phone or email fall over or the country I am in decedent into the dark ages suddenly I can still sent my parents, colleagues or trusted friends messages such as ' help, I am safe but I need to get out of here' messages. Also the tracking tool was good for my parents to see when I would be back from a long day trip into the remote hills and rice fields of Bali.

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Have arrived safe back in Sydney after the red eye Air Asia out of KLIA's low cost carrier terminal.

The only hiccup was initially airasia had separated Frankie and I, but after take off we managed to swap seats.

We are now bound for Canberra on a Murray's coach

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KL- Malacca -KL

A really short flying visit to this old trading port town. Of all the places we have been this was link a mini Europe in Asia with narrow lanes, terrace houses, bridges over the river and classic forts from the height of Dutch, Portuguese and English rule over this once central spice route port. Some forts and buildings date back to 1511.

The old town part where we stayed was close to Jonkers St, the centre of the old town. So close we were able to cycle around the town and visit most of the attractions.

Malacca for me holds a special place as my grandfather served all through this region as part of the Royal Australian Navy's Far East Strategic Reserve. I grew up on stories of the strait and the pirates and tropical heat.

I'm glad we got to visit if only for 48hrs.

We arrived and departed by coach - I am really impressed with the transport network thought out Malaysia.

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Over night in KL for the second time

Arrived in from Bali (Denpasar) and we headed back into KL via the KL express a really cool fast train with its own dedicated rail line from airport the the city in 28mins v over an hour by taxis for the same cost. Also included was free 4G wifi and if you are sneaky enough. A PowerPoint. The holy grail of all travelers.

Tonight we stayed in the only luxury hotel of the trip the Park Royal. Same cost as all the other hotel rooms as Frankie found a deal.

Dinner at the KLCC - Malaysia twin shining towers. They also have a colored light and water shower just outside too.

Finally shopping of the trip
Was down at Petaling street night markets.

After a well deserved long sleep we are off to Malacca / Melaka for tr night by bus from KL

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